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F*uck Exclusive? Design Inclusive!
Accessible design thinking

Designing digital products for inclusivity, doesn’t have to be a compromise on creativity. You can be exclusive in creation and inclusive in execution.

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Reinventing Indian Musuem Design
Exhibition design thinking

In a land rich with art, culture and history, how we experience these subjects, especially at institutions devoted to their care, is an area ripe for reinvention.

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From Incredible to Identical.
Event identity thinking

Design festival identities the world over have been shedding cultural semantics to adopt a spirit of universality. Indian design week identities seem to be following suit.

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Small Studios or Big Companies?
Design industry thinking

A collage of inspiring snippets - philosophies, working styles, successes, failures and daily routines of small studios from across the globe.

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Flagging the epic journey of the Tiranga.
Colour and symbology study

The Indian flag’s design evolution was an epic struggle of changing politics and identity crisis. It now stands frozen in time, a silent spectator to the rise and fall of ideologies. And an ever mutable identity.

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An open source font for a breast cancer.
Font creation

Our bespoke font creation is shared as an open resource. It is for the warriors, survivors, caretakers and breast cancer foundations to tell their unique stories and inspire the community.

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