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Harnessing the intelligence of nature to empower disruptive technology.

Started in 2008 Infinium Solutionz was a truly pioneering venture by two visionaries. Armed with the insight that the future of IT lay in big data, machine learning, automation and specialty products, they focused on harnessing the power of disruptive technologies to improve processes across industries. From urban solutions to agriculture, logistics to e-governance their innovative use of geospatial engineering, wireless communication and IoT sensors caught the attention of business and public leaders.

In 2018, they were looking to expand out of their home state of Gujarat to improve the lives of citizens across the country and around the globe. This began with changing their name from Infinium Solutionz to Amnex. We were commissioned to help build a comprehensive brand narrative and communication style. Our new design language and insightful messaging strategy propelled business growth, while garnering international recognition.

Appreciating Every Facet

In the last decade the Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged as a strategic agent of change across industries, by blending the physical and digital worlds. Making ‘things’ smarter and connecting them to each other creates new value. From wearables, to cars, home appliance, industries and cities, everything will be connected to create a smarter world for its citizens. The visionary founders at Amnex, were at the forefront of leading this change in India.

Having built the first smart city in India they were looking to capitalise on new opportunities for industries, cities and enterprises to benefit from their disruptive solutions. To truly understand the science and artistry behind their offerings, we conducted intense, immersive workshops with their leadership team, technology executives and their audience. Our study of how their solutions seamlessly integrate the physical and digital worlds led to the core idea that would not only guide but also simplify their brand narrative, to be understood by their core audience.

Refining the sketch

While diving into their history, solutions and the industries they serve we came across a key insight. Amnex wields the power of technology to impact life positively. They are change-makers that are transforming the environment of businesses, urban  spaces and infrastructure to create a smarter world through seamless evolution. Their solutions are intuitive, dextrous and beneficial. Just like nature.

Nature takes every action to improve all that it encompasses, as does Amnex with an intelligence that is natural.

The Final Piece

The logotype was selected and modified to highlight the future-first technological roots of the brand. However, it was the visual brand language we crafted that truly transformed Amnex into a living breathing brand. Truly capturing the insightful, instinctive and intuitive intelligence that sits at its core.

An eye for innovation

We wanted the design language to be as intelligent and intuitive as the solutions that Amnex provides. Each design is carefully thought through. Imagery and content, type and motion behavior merge seamlessly to convey the intent and meaning as a whole, whether in motion or as a still.

A brighter future

Disruptive technology lies at the heart of Amnex’s offering. The solutions they provide create a better future for the lives they touch. The use of vibrant colours represents the disruptive, enriching properties of the brand.

Technology for everyone

As change-makers that are constantly creating, innovating and implementing the latest technologies, it was imperative that audiences understand how their solutions could make a positive difference. We crafted a series of phygital posters where messaging, motion and design were woven together to translate the impact so eloquently that they were awarded a silver at Graphis 2019.


A smarter tomorrow

Over the course of a year, we established Amnex as an industry leader. Our effective communication design resulted in significant business growth, leading to the company being ranked 22nd amongst Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 in India for 2019.

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