The House of Two


We are a branding & experience design collective. 

Home to creative minds across disciplines, our holistic approach invites founders and visionaries in business and design into a space of guided inspiration, to uncover the magic few can see - and the courage to stand fast as it takes new life.  

8 years in business but over 2 decades in the making, Two is spearheaded by Siddharth and Swati, for whom design is a way of life. Their diverse global experiences inspire the vision to build a culture of creative collaboration.

At Two, we believe that strategy distils the essence of a brand, focuses on its reason for being, unveils the beauty and purity at its core. That agility is fundamental to evolution. That evolution is the child of trust, of holding ourselves to the highest standards, pushing each other to try more, risk more, dare more.

“Chiselling each brand moment into artistry that inspires, influences and sustains.”

0ur engagements span industries and sectors, each vital to raising our quality of life.  

We understand the challenges that ESTABLISHED ENTITIES face in trying to retain legacies, yet adapt to change. We recognise the courage it takes for NEW VENTURES to stand out and sustain. We share the need to create guardians for LIFESTYLE and LUXURY brands, and the patience and commitment this requires. We’re passionate about ART & CULTURE and finding ways to communicate it to future generations. At our core, as human beings, lies SUSTAINABLE IMPACT, which affects every aspect of our lives.


Our diverse portfolio includes India-specific design research for Netflix, branding and portal design for India’s largest on-demand entertainment platform, SonyLIV, the reinvention of legacy brands such as Voltas, Jaipur Jewels, Nesco and Bombay Exhibition Centre, packaging for Future Consumer and Nestle, and shaping some of the fastest growing startups and SMEs, including Vogo, Wakency, Amnex and 1Point1. Recent and upcoming projects include a phygital re-orientation roadmap for the CSMVS museum, its implementation from rebranding to exhibition design and exclusive experiences; and brand design for India’s first farm-to-fork initiative of Alphonso farmers. 
Established global bodies, including Graphis, Communication Arts and Kyoorius Design Awards believe in the power of Two; our work has been featured in niche design publications, including Semipermanent, Designerbooks, and BranD FuturISM.


We look for the fundamental truths that make your brand beautiful. As eternal optimists, we think brands that last are the products of time, love and care. And so our work commits to your truths, not trends, to be able to evolve without losing its soul.


We dare to try. In the hours and months and years that inform every choice we make together. In collaborating single-mindedly, relentlessly applying pure design, nothing comes close.


We are nurturers. Fearless, with an unshakeable faith in your brand, our people, our work. Our purpose is to build brands that create meaning in people's lives. To uphold dreams. And to drive business and societal progress.


We are facilitators of change and transformation. Our process incites discovery, knowledge and revelation. On these voyages of change, we start off as companions and often turn into confidantes. 


We begin with a tabula rasa. Our individual explorations outside of work power our vigorous brainstorms and peer reviews. We imagine and evolve our work enabled by revolutions in technology, data science, film craft and live environments, and find ways to optimally deploy them.